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Exploring the History of Recycling – A Brief Timeline

The core concepts of waste management – reduce, reuse, recycle – may seem recent to many, but recycling’s history is long and vast. At times when resources were scarce, people have found creative ways to manage their waste and prolong the use of what is already available. Jefferson Recycling is a part of this practice’s [...]

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35 Amazing Stats About Recycling

Learn More about Recycling in New Jersey and the United States Everyone today has learned about recycling in school. As part of the waste hierarchy: reduce, reuse, recycle, the United States has been working to lower its footprint on the environment since the movement gained steam in the 1970s. Here are some impressive facts [...]

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6 Ways to Dispose of Renovation Waste

If you’re remodeling or fixing up your home, there can be a lot of unwanted renovation waste. Before you know it, you have a backyard filled of old materials that’s taking up most of your property. But how can you responsibly dispose of your waste? Below are six ways you can remove your renovation waste [...]

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