At Jefferson Recycling, we make it our mission to provide high quality, turn-key recycling solutions for your projects, whether they are residential cleanups or major construction jobs. Our 20-yard roll-off containers are one of our most popular options and perfect for projects where a major cleanup is needed.


Features of a 20 Yard Roll off Dumpster

The approximate dimensions for a 20-yard roll-off container from Jefferson Recycling are 22ft long, eight feet wide, and 4 feet tall. At this size, the expected capacity is close to the equivalent of six pickup loads. The weight limit for a 20-yard dumpster is approximately 2.5 tons.


Municipality Requirements for a Roll Off Container in NJ

Depending on your municipality, you may require a permit to be obtained for roll-off dumpster delivery. In cases of the dumpster being placed on private property, most cities do not require a permit. However, it is important to ensure that any permitting is taken care of prior to the day of delivery. Call Jefferson Recycling with any questions you have regarding this and we will happily provide any knowledge we have for your location.


Advantages of a Roll Off Dumpster in NJ

There are many advantages to using dumpster rental services in New Jersey instead of junk removal. Dumpster rental services allow total control of the time and date your waste is removed. Secondly, Jefferson Recycling makes sure to dispose of any received waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. Finally, using Jefferson Recycling’s Dumpster Rental service avoids you the hassle of dealing with public waste removal.

Below we highlight tips for two of the most common uses for a 20-yard container: lot clearing and large construction projects.


Lot Clearing Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to shop around for the right contractor. While the economy has picked up in recent years, many companies can still use more work. Take the time to shop around and you’ll likely find some competitive offers.
  • If you have a lot of timber on the lot, get it valuated prior to it being removed. It’s possible to save money on the lot clearing simply by monetizing what you’re getting rid of!
  • Keep in mind that brush and tree stumps are class B recycling materials that Jefferson Recycling is more than happy to efficiently dispose of!


Tips for Cleaning Large Construction Sites

  • Consider better floor protection for your next construction job. Instead of using rosin paper or canvas, consider heavier duty drop cloths made from recycled materials. They roll out like rosin paper but don’t need to be taped down.
  • As your project is going along, create a centralized junk and tool station to bring surplus materials, sawhorses and tools away in a much more efficient manner. When these materials are left lying around, you risk losing money you’ve invested and delay finishing the project.
  • Pack your roll-off container in a smart manner. If you have hollow items, make sure to place them in the dumpster so they may be filled with more waste. Hold off on tossing the smallest debris until the end so that it may be used to fill in any negative space created by larger objects.


Dumpster Rental Advice in NJ

Not sure what size roll-off container you need? Jefferson Recycling was created  in the world of construction, so we have seen it all. When preparing for your project, contact us and we will be able to guide you through any of your waste removal needs.