Jefferson Recycling is not only useful for commercial uses – homeowners can use our services, too. We provide various size open top roll-off dumpsters to various counties in New Jersey.


Available New Jersey Counties for 10 Yard Roll-Off Dumpsters

  • Morris County
  • Sussex County
  • Essex County
  • Passaic County
  • Bergen County
  • Hudson County


Who Can Rent a 10-Yard Container for Dumping?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you are a residential homeowner or business owner. If you have a project that needs to haul various trash, old goods, detritus, and more you can rent a dumpster from us.


Tips for Cleaning out the Garage

Even for the most organized, there may come a time that a garage is a storage unit rather than a place for your car. When you finally decide to bite the bullet, here are some tips for organizing a garage safely and efficiently.

Safely Store and Dispose of Chemicals

These are the most dangerous things found in the average garage. Many people keep pesticides, auto fluids, paints, and more in random storage containers. Gas Grills are also stored with their propane tanks still attached. Over time, these can leak and disperse noxious fumes throughout the space.

Avoid keeping toxic substances in anything other than their original packaging. When cleaning out a garage, avoid open flames and if necessary allow the space to air out prior to long exposure.


Properly Organize Your Tools

Easier said than done, but creating a system to store any tools for construction and gardening on the wall will make it easier to find them and reduce any hazard they pose when not in use. And don’t forget ladders! Make sure that any ladders are properly secured instead of leaning against a wall. An unsecured ladder can tip over, damaging your car or yourself. A tipped over ladder can also fall into other objects, making a small accident turn into a massive mess.

Safely Store any Kids Items in the Garage

Make sure your kids know how and where to keep any toys, bikes, and other items of theirs inside the garage. The space should be easily accessible and away from anything hazardous.


Cleaning Up the Yard

If the yard is starting to look long in the tooth, it might be time to give it a makeover. Here are some common ways to spruce up a yard.

Prune Dead and Damaged Branches

Snow and wind can do a number on any bushes in your yard. By pruning them to a point where the stem is still alive, you’ll actually improve the bush’s health. Consider hand pruners instead of electric shears, or a handsaw for larger-diameter branches. Hand tools will help prevent a thick outer growth that prevents sunlight from reaching the plant’s middle.


Clean Up and Remove any Fallen Leaves and Other Dead Foliage

When dead plant life – such as leaves, branches, or dead annual plants, –  is allowed to accumulate, it can smother and kill any surviving plants.  Once they’re removed, get rid of old mulch as well. This will allow the existing soil to be turned and then given a fresh layer of fertilizer and mulch cover.

Replaced Dead Sod and Weed-Covered Patches of Lawn

Sometimes grass is not going to repair itself on its own. pH levels, diseases, and weeds are all a bane to your beautiful lawn, meaning it’s time for some serious intervention. Ideally, take the time in early spring to replace old sod or reinvigorate your soil with the right nutrients before seeding.


Small & Medium Roofing Tips

A leaky roof needs to be taken care of right away, or else you risk expensive damage to your home and danger to your family. For the handy individuals, small and medium roofing repairs can be done with a little patience and knowhow.


Wait for Mother Nature and Be Safe

Being up on the roof is dangerous enough in perfect weather. Never go on to your roof in severe rain or snow or else you risk severe injury or even death. When the weather is clear, wear slip-resistant footwear, utilize a harness, and have a second person to help.


Find the Leak in Your Roof

Unless shingles are missing or damaged, leaks aren’t simple to find. To find a leak in your roof, use a hose in the suspected area and have a person in the attic to inform you when the water begins to leak through. The process can be sped up by checking for leaks underneath the roof during a rainstorm. Eventually, trial and error will win out.


Clear Your Gutters

If gutters are not properly cleaned out, water can build up and cause damage to the roof itself.

Replace any Rotten Materials

Over time, shingle and plywood can deteriorate from water and lack of ventilation. These materials will start to sag and eventually break down completely. Remove any rotten materials and make sure that there is enough ventilation for the replacements.

Inspect Roof Boots

Most houses have skylights, flashing and other idiosyncrasies to their roofs. When these rubber boots become too dry and brittle, leaks are an easy possibility. It’s an easy quick fix to purchase a new roof boot at a hardware store.


Dumpster Waste Handling in New Jersey

Renting a dumpster or container from Jefferson Recycling isn’t the only easy part; we’ll take care of your waste too! As class B recycling facility, fully licensed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), we are experienced in proper and environmentally-ethical disposal of any waste and recyclables you accrue during your home or business cleanup. Contact Jefferson Recycling today at (973) 361-1589