5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Recycling

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Teach Your Children How to Dispose of Their Waste

Recycling plays a huge role in our society, as it determines the future of our planet. The best way to ensure that Earth stays green and healthy is to educate our youth on the subject. Encouraging and promoting proper recycling tips to the children of our society will create a better world, so use these ways on how to teach your kids about recycling.

1 Read About Recycling

When you begin to teach your kids about recycling, a great way to start is to have them read a few books about keeping the Earth green. It doesn’t have to be the whole book and you can read it to them, but afterwards hopefully they will be inspired enough to keep the environment green. If the children are interested in it, it makes the process even easier when trying to promote good recycling habits around the house.

2 Customize Your Bins

First, make sure you have different recycling bins for paper, glass and plastic. Next, you and your children can decorate them however you want in addition to having pictures of what should go inside of the bin. Having pictures on the bins of what should be going inside helps the younger kids that don’t fully understand how recycling works yet. Putting a small chart above each bin to show how much everyone has recycled is also something you can do, but isn’t necessary.

3 Create Recycling Games

Making personalized games from your recycled objects makes for a fun time for you and your children. An option would be to set up a bunch of recycled bottles, paint them and create carnival-type games indoors or outdoors. Not only does this show children that you don’t need to constantly buy new toys to be happy; it also sparks their minds and pushes them towards more creative and innovative thinking.

4 Take a Trip to Your Local Recycling Center

Visiting a recycling center will show your children all the behind the scene work, telling them what happens once the garbage men take their recycling. Showing them the inner workings educates them on the processes of recycling and where their waste ends up. If you want to take it a step further you can see if they are looking for volunteers to help assist them either at the center or in keeping the community clean.

5 Recycle the Children’s Old Toys

After a while, kids usually get tired of their old toys and move onto new ones. The old toys usually sit in a chest, in their closet or under their bed and collect dust. Having a family garage sale can put these toys to good use while also making a quick buck. Or you can donate the toys to a charity but either way they’re being recycled and used by another child. This is a better use for them rather than having them laying around and not being played with.

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