Since childhood, we have heard the phrase “recycle” over and over again. We all know recycling is important, however, recycling more isn’t always as effective as recycling better. Here are some tips for becoming a better recycler, so that you are able to make a bigger difference for our environment and your community.

1. Reduce & Reuse
The first step to being a better recycler is reducing the amount of waste you produce. Even if the waste you produce is recyclable (plastic bottles, cans, etc.), it still leaves a footprint when producing those materials. Instead, use reusable products whenever you can to save money and reduce the amount you have to recycle!

2. Pay Attention to Labels
Not all recyclables are created equal. Make sure you are checking for the recycling label on plastics. You would be surprised how many waste items you are throwing into the recycling bin each day, and how many recyclable items you accidentally throw in the waste bin! Take some time to determine if it is recyclable, and eventually you will get into the habit of knowing which commonly used items go where.

3. Don’t Forget About Electronics
Many people mistakenly toss old electronics into the garbage. E-waste is very harmful to the environment, so it is important to take some precautions. First, try your best to sell or give away the electronic item. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. There are several organizations that will pick up various types of electronic waste, and use it to donate to charity or create new electronics. You can even give your local recycling company a call to see if they offer e-waste pickups.

4. Buy Recycled Goods
This is another important factor in becoming a better recycler: Buy recycled. Look for goods when you are shopping that are eco-friendly and produced using recycled materials. Wouldn’t you much rather invest your money into something that is making use of recycled goods rather than invest in an industry polluting the environment?

By choosing to get better at recycling, you are showing your commitment to an environment that we can sustain for future generations. Jefferson Recycling is committed to helping New Jersey communities become better at recycling. Check out our recycling and waste management services in NJ today.