Electronic Waste, or E-waste, is not something that can simply be tossed into the regular weekly garbage or into a dumpster. You need to make sure that you dispose of it properly, so that it does not harm the environment. If you have some old electronics that you need to dispose of, and want to know what the right method is for disposing of these things, you need to follow these basic steps in order to do so responsibly.

Steps for Recycling E-Waste Properly

The first step of making sure that you are not improperly disposing of electronic devices is to ensure that you are not throwing them into the trash. This can be harmful in many ways, but more on that later. Next, look at your devices and try and determine if anyone could use the pieces still. If there is still life in your old electronic devices, then donate them to people who could put them to good use. Local schools, shelters, and even senior homes are always looking for more electronics for people to use, so call around to figure out who could use your device. Just make sure you have deleted all of your old personal information before handing the device over to anyone.

If the device is too far gone for anyone to use, then find a local e-recycler near you. There are some in every single state, so sometimes you may find yourself near one that you did not even know existed. For those in more rural parts of the state, you may find that there are no locations near you. If that is the case, try contacting the manufacturer of the device. Most major manufacturers have recycling programs for their old devices, and they may be able to help you get that recycling taken care of. A few companies will even give you a bit of trade-in or cash for them to take back the old device so that you can upgrade to a new one.

Some big box stores will also take back electronic devices that are too old or broken to be of any use. If you live near a BestBuy or a Staples, then give them a call and find out what options they can give you in terms of recycling your electronic devices. However, if the device you are trying to recycle is a cell phone, there are additional options. There are quite a few different companies that will send you an envelope so you can send them your old cell phone. They will typically do what they can to repair them, and then give them to people who can use them, such as people who are low-income and could not afford one on their own.

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Dangers of Improper Technology Disposal

When you improperly throw out old electronics, you expose the environment to multiple toxic substances. Most people do not realize just how much material goes into those devices that was later found to be toxic. One simple example is an old tube television. If it was to break in a landfill, as much as eight pounds of lead can seep into the ground from the tube of a single television, causing the groundwater to become toxic, and cause harm to any animal or human who consumes anything touched by the lead. Cadmium and mercury are other toxic materials that are often found in older electronics, which is why e-waste recycling programs are so important.

The next time you have some old electronic devices to dispose of, consider finding the nearest recycling program. It gives you a way to be able to do the right thing for your device, and for your community as a whole. Contact Jefferson Recycling today to inquire about your E-Waste recycling needs in New Jersey.