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6 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

The United States throws out roughly 63,000 truck loads of garbage per day. According to Recycling.com, here is the approximate amount of time the following items take to decompose when not recycled: Glass Bottles: 1 million years Plastic Bottles: 450 years Plastic Bags: 10-20 years Disposable Diapers: 550 years Aluminum Cans: 80-200 years Cigarette Butts: [...]

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Trash in the Tri-State: Where does it go?

Since all we have to do is put the garbage out on the curb on the right day of the week, it can be easy to forget where all that garbage might be going. There are two main routes garbage takes after being thrown out: in state or out-of-state. Of course, the most ideal situation [...]

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